Intuitive Essentials

"Don't you know yet?  It is Your Light that lights the worlds." -Rumi                                                                            505.203.5410  [email protected]

At Intuitive Essentials, multiple services are combined for an optimal treatment of mind, body and spirit.  Each session is unique to the individual. I have found with my clients that when Reiki, EFT, massage, and aromatherapy are combined, there is a powerful synergistic effect.  Each treatment enhances the effects of the other, resulting in a superlative healing session.

My vision is to be an empathetic, well-versed healer and offer services that aid in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self-healing.  I am committed to helping people take control of their own health, to listen to their bodies, and live fuller, healthier lives. I know well-being on all levels is our birthright.  And I will strive to show clients how to embrace physically, spiritually, and financially richer lives.  It is my mission to impact peoples' well being for the better with natural solutions, and lighting the way for them to embrace the healer in all of us.

Love and Light,

Ranae Ford